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Hi, Ilean I'm reporting "a win", I had a 5-day challenge to ramp-up to my $3K signature course. 2 people bought it! And I just got word from two more, that they'll register this week. Not to mention the registration frees from the Challenge! I believe I'll surpass my monthly salary, this week!

Lola Moore Johnson

Entrepreneur & Speaker

I am a wife and mother with the goal of running my passion as business and having the quality time I want to spend with my loved ones, and you have giving me the tools to have it all…and yes, I make money in my sleep!

Stephanie Li Rivera

Entrepreneur & Influencer

Create and Launch Your Digital Course | Our groundbreaking course is designed to teach you how to create and sell your own digital products online.
Bonus #1 - Dream Ignition 6 Week Challenge | Take The Dream Ignition 6 Week Challenge and discover how to 10x your income!
Bonus #2 - Cashflow Secrets | Transform your life with these coveted cashflow secrets
Bonus #3 - High Performance Secrets | Unlock your limitless potential, producing high quality results faster than ever before.
Bonus #4 - Goal Setting Workshop | Discover the power of ATOMIC goal setting & turn your dreams into reality
Bonus #5 - Brand Audit For Business Owners | Our brand audit training is a step-by-step guide to evaluating the strength and effectiveness of your brand and identifying areas for improvement.
Bonus #6 - Business Audit For Business Owners | Our business audit training is a comprehensive course designed to help business owners assess the overall health and effectiveness of their business, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan for growth.
Bonus #7 - Your Mindset During Tough or Uncertain TimesNavigating tough or uncertain times requires more than just skill; it demands a resilient and strategic mindset. Get ready to transform your thinking and confront challenging times with determination and strength.
Bonus #8 - Social Media MasteryOur social media marketing mastery course is a comprehensive training program designed to help you master the art of social media marketing. In this course, you'll learn how to create and execute effective social media campaigns, how to measure and analyze your results, and how to use social media to build brand awareness and drive sales.
Bonus #9 - Webinars For InfluencersLearn how to plan, promote, and deliver engaging webinars that help you build your brand and grow your audience.
Bonus #10 - Email Marketing BlueprintLearn how to effectively use email marketing to promote your business and drive sales, how to create compelling email campaigns, segment your email list, and analyze your results to continually improve your results.
Bonus #11 - Creating Sales Funnels to Sell Digital ProductsLearn how to create powerful, high converting sales funnels to help you sell your digital products online.
Bonus #12 - NFT BlueprintLearn how to quickly and easily create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's).
Bonus #13 - The 7 Figure CoachLearn how to build a successful coaching business. Discover the principles and practices of coaching, as well as how to establish a high paying coaching business and attracting and retaining clients.
Bonus #14 - Social Ads Domination (Introduction To Digital Advertising)Learn how to get more qualified traffic and leads to your brand and business than ever before with the power of advertising on digital platforms.

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