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Tired of feeling like this?

Most Likely, This Isn't Your First Time Trying to Learn How to Make Money Online...

We know what it's like....

You feel lost and alone.
You're finding it difficult to grow
You feel overwhelmed
You don't know where to start
You feel like you're always stuck.
You never seem to have enough time.

Imagine what you could achieve in life if you could eliminate all the guesswork, stop spinning your wheels, and finally break through!

Are You Ready to Take Your Income and Your Life
to the Next Level?

Do You Want to Succeed In Your Own Online Business But Lack Strategy or Support?

You don't know how to attract thousands of followers
You don't know how to create an online business.
You haven't been able to consistently sell using social media.

The world has changed. People are buying online more than ever and looking for ways to work from home.

Those who don't know how to make money online are getting left behind!

Creating Your Own Online Business is important because it allows you to reach a global audience, generate passive income, and establish your authority in your field of knowledge.

"Are You Tired of Recruiting or Selling to Your Friends or Family Without Seeing Results?"

It's not fun feeling like you have to convince others to buy something they don't need or have already bought just because you don't know how to sell to new people. It's even less fun when they say they'll support you once you're successful. You're tired and need new prospects online.

Do You Have a Great Product or Service But Don't Know How to Sell It on Social Media?

You know you can help people but don't know how to communicate that to them without credibility or followers. You want to change lives but messages go unanswered or people disappear when it comes to buying from your website. Frustration affects your self-esteem and even makes you afraid to talk to more people about your business. It's time to stop wasting time with people who aren't interested and focus on the right ones with a great strategy.

Are You Tired of Failing and Want More Support to Grow Your Online Business?

With little online success (personal or lacking team duplication) and trying to do everything alone, you've realized it's time to do something different. If you keep doing the same thing over and over, you won't see different results. The time has come to work strategically and learn how you can have an unlimited source of online success from a successful mentor or coach.

Think about how many people you can reach and help with your business by earning your first million!

Online Success in Just 3 Steps:

#1: Create a digital product once and share it with customers worldwide.

#2: Host a virtual workshop to share your knowledge with a global audience.

#3: Automate your sales processes so you can grow your online business while you sleep.

What Others Are Saying

Our amazing community loves our platform.

Here's what they're saying about learning from Ilean & Matthew Harris.

Kimra Luna

7 Figure Entrepreneur

"Thanks so much Matthew & Ilean Harris! You are helping me succeed faster than I thought I could! I get so many “a-ha!” moments when I listen to you. Thanks again!”

Nick Smith


"My first 2 months in business I made a grand total of $0. Within my first 30 days being coached by Matthew I earned just short of $5,000 in my business! I’m excited!"

Learn How to Earn Your First Million

Imagine Finally Being Able to Turn Your Dreams and Ideas into Your Ideal Business

We're Matthew
& Ilean Harris and...

When we started our online business, we had no idea how well it would do or that we would generate over $40 million in sales!

We didn't imagine that today we would have my own multimillion-dollar company, students in over 20 countries, more than 100,000 email subscribers, and all this while traveling the world and living life on our terms.

All the tears, sacrifices, ridicule fromour friends and family, and the nights spent reading and learning have been worth it.

Our passion is helping others live the life that they're most passionate about.

Join Momentum Business Academy Today & Accelerate Your Journey To Earning Your First Million Dollars Online.

Create and Launch Your Digital Course

Monetizing Your Knowledge with Digital Courses ($197 Value)
How to Create an Avatar of Your Ideal Customer ($197 Value)
How to Design a Digital Course That People Will Love and Buy ($197 Value)
How to Create a Brand That Sells Your Courses for You ($197 Value)
How to Position Your Digital Course for Sales with a Winning Sales Page ($197 Value)
The Mindset of Charging for Your Value and Overcoming Impostor Syndrome ($197 Value)
How to Launch Your Digital Course Like a Professional ($197 Value)
Strategies to Promote Your Digital Course While You Sleep With an Automated Pilot Strategy ($197 Value)
Strategies to Promote Your Digital Course While You Sleep With an Automated System ($197 Value)
How to Use a Sales Funnel to Promote Your Online Course ($197 Value)
How to Create an Order Form  ($197 Value)
How to Create a High Converting Sales Page  ($197 Value)
How to Create a Membership Area For Your Customers ($197 Value)
Best Platforms for Digital Courses ($197 Value)
How to Record and Edit Your Course ($197 Value)

But that's not all...
Enjoy These Exclusive Bonuses, Included When You Take Action Today!

Bonus #1

Dream Ignition 6 Week Challenge

Take The Dream Ignition 6 Week Challenge and discover how to 10x your income!

($497 Value)

Bonus #2

Cashflow Secrets

Transform your life with these coveted cashflow secrets

($297 Value)

Bonus #3

High Performance Secrets

Unlock your limitless potential, producing high quality results faster than ever before.

($297 Value)

Bonus #4

Goal Setting Workshop

Discover the power of ATOMIC goal setting & turn your dreams into reality

($397 Value)

Bonus #5

Brand Audit For Business Owners

Our brand audit training is a step-by-step guide to evaluating the strength and effectiveness of your brand and identifying areas for improvement.

($297 Value)

Bonus #6

Business Audit For Business Owners

Our business audit training is a comprehensive course designed to help business owners assess the overall health and effectiveness of their business, identify areas for improvement, and develop a plan for growth.

($297 Value)

Bonus #7

Your Mindset During Tough or Uncertain Times

Navigating tough or uncertain times requires more than just skill; it demands a resilient and strategic mindset. Get ready to transform your thinking and confront challenging times with determination and strength.

($297 Value)

Bonus #8

Social Media Mastery

Our social media marketing mastery course is a comprehensive training program designed to help you master the art of social media marketing. In this course, you'll learn how to create and execute effective social media campaigns, how to measure and analyze your results, and how to use social media to build brand awareness and drive sales.

($297 Value)

Bonus #9

Webinars For Influencers

Learn how to plan, promote, and deliver engaging webinars that help you build your brand and grow your audience.

($497 Value)

Bonus #10

Email Marketing Blueprint

Learn how to effectively use email marketing to promote your business and drive sales, how to create compelling email campaigns, segment your email list, and analyze your results to continually improve your results.

($397 Value)

Bonus #11

Creating Sales Funnels to Sell Digital Products

Learn how to create powerful, high converting sales funnels to help you sell your digital products online.

($397 Value)

Bonus #12

NFT Blueprint

Learn how to quickly and easily create and sell Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT's).

($97 Value)

Bonus #13

The 7 Figure Coach

Learn how to build a successful coaching business. Discover the principles and practices of coaching, as well as how to establish a high paying coaching business and attracting and retaining clients.

($997 Value)

Bonus #14

Social Ads Domination (Introduction To Digital Advertising)

Learn how to get more qualified traffic and leads to your brand and business than ever before with the power of advertising on digital platforms.

($497 Value)

Bonus #15

Social Ads Domination (Microsoft Ads)

Discover how to grow your business and brand and get high qualified leads from Microsoft platforms.

($497 Value)

Bonus #16

Network Marketing | 90 Day Business Transformation

Learn how to explode your network marketing business with the power of a "90 day run". You'll learn how to build a successful network marketing business from the ground up, build massive momentum, rank up faster than ever, and build a massive sales organization in 90 days or less.

($497 Value)

Bonus #17

Wealth Mastery & Developing A Millionaire Mindset

Our wealth mastery and millionaire mindset training is designed to help you achieve financial success and build a wealth-focused mindset.

($197 Value)

Your payment guarantees lifetime access to all videos and bonuses, as well as all future updates to the program.

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The business school of the future needs to not only provide practical, cutting edge information; it needs to be available for everyone, all around the world at an affordable price!

Our goal is to democratize access to proven wealth-building information and strategies. Our groundbreaking virtual platform provides us with an incredible avenue to share this information with everyone, everywhere!

Your First Million

I'm Going to Share with You How You Can Have a Business with Digital Courses, Coaching Programs, Mentorship, and More

What Others Are Saying...

I made an extra $10,000 thanks to the Academy! The content is clear, concise, and very explanatory for those who are starting. 

Thank you it was worth it!



Frequently Asked Questions

What guarantee does the program offer?

Your payment includes lifetime access and all videos. All sales are final. Your purchase includes access to all updates made to the program. 

What if I want to cancel?

You can cancel your monthly subscription at any time. Simply notify our support desk of your wish to cancel by emailing

How does the program work?

Take advantage of this great offer and join the "My First Million" program powered by Momentum Business Academy for a big discount. You don't have to buy the course again when it updates. You have lifetime access to the course. This product is 100% digital. Just minutes after completing your order, you'll receive an email with information to log into our platform. Thanks to the power of the Internet and our dynamic cloud-based platform, your classes and content are securely hosted online. This means you can access your materials on your schedule and from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection!

What am I going to learn?

"Our curriculum is designed to take you from developing a business idea to expanding it into a global million-dollar business and beyond."

Who is this course designed for?

Anyone looking to create time and financial freedom in their life needs access to proven strategies and techniques. Whether you're an experienced entrepreneur or just starting out, My First Million is the strategy you need to assist you, providing real-world strategies so you can focus on what you need to scale your business.

Will the course work for me if I don't have a business yet?

"The short answer is "yes!" Having an existing business is NOT a prerequisite for enrollment. Our platform is designed to help you develop your strengths and passions and create the business that best suits your needs! So, whether you're looking to turn your love for networking or selling consultations and coaching into a profitable business and haven't started yet, or if you're a business professional for years, our platform will help you take your business and lifestyle to the next level!"

What sets this course apart from free information online?

We live in an era where, thanks to the Internet, anyone can easily access information, but the increase in access to information has not solved one of the most important crises facing our planet: the income gap between the wealthy and the rest of the world.

Most people looking to build a successful business in today's era are completely unaware of what they really need to know. For many, the vast amount of information available online actually distracts them from what they really need to know and do to create the results they seek.

So information alone is not the answer. And with the ease of publishing content online, ensuring that the information and strategies you want to implement are tested and credible is more challenging than ever.

Enrolling in this digital course not only puts you on the fast track to business success, but we also eliminate everything that doesn't serve your goals and provide the best in business education that is practical, proven, and powerful."

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